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Access Analytical is an SCDHEC certified laboratory focusing on the analysis of potable and non-potable  waters, waste water, groundwater and soil.

Our mission is to be the premier source of laboratory testing services in the Southeast.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients ranging from homeowners to large industries and municipalities.

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Access adds Legionella Testing to in-house capabilities

Thursday, December 07, 2017Access Analytical

Legionella is a type of bacterium found naturally in freshwater environments such as lakes and streams.  Legionella can become a health concern when it grows and spreads in human-made and/or potable water systems.   The Legionella bacterium can cause Legionnaires’ disease or a less serious illness known as Pontiac fever.  These illnesses are collectively known as legionellosis. 

Access Analytical utilizes the IDEXX laboratories Legiolert test method to rapidly detect Legionella in both potable and non-potable water samples.  This method is applicable for use in routine monitoring of health care facilities.   Please contact Access Analytical  if you have questions about setting up a preventative testing program at your facility.